The SMS Express website respects the privacy of the customer's information and will never sell the customer's information or leak it to any third party without prior permission or for purely legal purposes.

The user is fully responsible for maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of his / her account data, and the information he or she discloses to any third party must be taken with care.

SMS Express has a filtering system that prevents sending messages containing obscene words or banned words.

It is strictly prohibited to send messages to numbers whose owners have not allowed you to send them or send to random or serial numbers or to send messages that would violate or infringe on the rights of others or prevent them from uniting their use of this site or involving illegal or threatening, Or infringe on the privacy of others or the copyrights of others, obscene words, insult to Islam or other religions or sanctities or violate their sanctity or for any other reason that is unacceptable or that would encourage the commission of a crime or involve an offense that entails civil liability or Criminal offense or in violation of any law or Marketing for prohibited, suspicious or unauthorized products from the competent authorities.
It is strictly prohibited to send private messages to collect donations or to sell and trade shares or letters to attract voters in any of the elections or to contain vague or misleading texts for the future of the message.


The management of the SMS Express website has the right to stop the accounts that are in violation of the site's policy or in violation of CITC's rules without prior notice. The owner of the infringing account is not entitled to claim any refunds, compensation for the infringing messages or refund of the balance remaining in the account.
The management of the SMS Express site is not responsible for the delay or failure of the messages due to the wrong number of mobile numbers, the lack of text message service, the language used or the incompatibility of the receiver's mobile phone, or the fact that the receiver's mobile phone is not covered or closed.